Monday, March 29, 2010

Entry 86

Day 86 - My third and final date with Jessika. We had an awesome picnic in the park near the Denton library, took a nice walk in the spring weather, and talked over most of the issues we had set out to address in the first place.

The whole time, we both knew they weren't real dates. I still treated them like real ones in practice, because I have been where she is now -- the post-relationship limbo -- many more times than she has. I know that sometimes it's just nice to experience things with other people, and realize they aren't exclusive to your former paramour.

Now that she's finally decided she can give the idea of finding someone new again, my work is pretty much done. So, Jessika and I have decided we can stop now, and continue just being friends.

It was good practice for me, and it gave me time to decide that I do, in fact, still want to be a nice guy and not revert to old habits. It's more fulfilling to pointlessly go on dates with someone you have no intention of being with, than it is to just fish for someone to keep you company for a night...

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