Friday, March 12, 2010

Entry 68

Day 68 - Sometimes I find that I almost exhale nerdiness, and when I am not being nerdy enough I get withdrawals from not releasing enough. When this happens, the best course of action is an obvious one: Dungeons & Dragons.

I started a new character, and he proved insufficient, so we reworked him to a Dwarf Fighter named Mason, with high Charisma, Full Plate, a Dwarven Waraxe, and abilities that would otherwise make him what we call a "Tank." Now at level three, he has 40 hit points. /drool

I don't get to see these guys often, so I stayed after our campaign run to watch them play some Final Fantasy XIII. Once my levels of nerdiness were under control, I went home and got some rest. It was much needed -- the rest and the gaming.


  1. /likes

    I always hear about D&D games, but I've never actually witnessed one. My old roommates still play ever week though. They're really into it. I find it very entertaining.

  2. A couple of years back I convinced my friend Kaylei to join WoW, since her boyfriend and I already played. She agreed, provided that I start going to D&D nights with her BF and their friends. I had always wanted to, so I did.

    I'm still relatively noob at it, but I make due. Because after all the paperwork, it really is very fun. I joined them every few months, but they live closer now so I might start going more regularly.