Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Did I give up on my blog?


If you take note of the date that I took hiatus (around May 9) then you can see where I started to drifting off into the next month and a half of being busy.

At first it was being busy with clients, trying to finish some freelance projects. During that time, I was also apartment hunting. I found an amazing one in Euless, and my move-in date just happened to be the day after I finished my biggest project of the springtime: Stephanie Williams Photography

I began packing and moving over the next week, and drove my father home so that we could take care of some family business in the Rio Grande Valley. I never relish going back there, but I did get to see a lot of family. In those three+ weeks, I drove a collective 3500 miles or so.

Once I got back, the first order of business had become "unpacking" and "getting a job." I attacked both with as professional a frenzy as I could muster. The unpacking came easy -- aside from moving the heavy furniture donated to me by my best friend, Jessica.

The job hunt -- which had approached about 6 months already -- proved a continually insufferable. I rewrote my resume, updated all of my online job-listings, and scoured through a number of different search sites looking for adequate (read: not-at-all-shady) job listings.

On Thursday, June 10, I updated my Monster.com resume and profile; I mean, I really ironed that sucker out with ambitions and goals for my future in web design, etc. Within two hours of finishing, I received two calls -- approximately 20 minutes apart -- requesting phone interviews. I obliged both right then and there, respectively; one went extremely well and the other I felt went terribly.

The one that went well asked if I would be able to come in for an interview the next morning, at their offices in Dallas. I canceled any plans I had for the rest of the week (including plans for the very night), went on a hunt to find a printer so I could have fresh copies of my new resume, and made sure my suit was ready to go.

The story of my interview is tremendously long, but basically it went well. So well, in fact, that by noon of June 11 I was offered a position with NowLegal.com as one of their new web developers! I made it through my first week there last week, and am happy to say I am doing extremely well there! I love my new job, the people I work with, and my cozy little office.

Now, that brings me to today and this blog post: All this time, I have knowingly been neglecting this site for hopes that I would focus on much larger objectives. I have still, however, taken a picture every day (I keep track of them via an application on my phone) to contribute to the 365 project!

I promise that once things settle down with the new job, new city, and trying to fix my personal life, I will be back to post them all...I really will. In fact, by the year's end, I plan to buy that web-space I've been gawking at and finally build my own site from the ground up. At that point, I'll even put in a separate section JUST for my Chronicle Project. Sound like a deal?

Good. Then it's settled. I still love you all and such, but I must continue ignoring this space for the time being. I'll let you know when things clear up.


David Lucio