Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I need to write more...

Somewhere, in the race that has been this year, writing fell to the wayside. For that, I am sorry -- to my readers and myself. I find ideas don't come to me as clearly as I'd like, and I fumble over words. I never fumbled over words before, but unless I sharpen my creative, sharp tongue soon, I feel I will rapidly lose the capability of true wit.

Yes, I think I'm witty. Wannafightaboutit?

Obviously, I have Twitter and Facebook, to write little bite-sized packets of mind musings. But those barely serve to quell my hunger. Every now and then, I find myself craving a meal, so to speak. What a fugue is to whistling a jingle. A pas de deux to dancing a jig. A schematic to...well, you get the idea: I need to write something of grander substance.

I have a good excuse: I started a solid job as a contractor with Texas Instruments. I work with a small team -- nestled within larger-growing layers of teams -- where I am the baseline. It's exactly what I needed right now, and is giving me some stellar experience. I quite enjoy my coworker and boss -- Joe and Elaine respectively -- who have been a trememndous help in my transition into the corporate, contractor workforce. I find myself constantly challenged here.

But that's just my excuse: it's draining. After spending several hours working in a constantly evolving environment, one needs to embrace escapism in whatever manner they can. In all honesty, I fall back on friends, television, videogames, or some combination of the three.

But it is summer: the season of bad television. Except for Game of Thrones. Go watch that shit right-the-fuck now if you haven't already! Seriously. I'll wait...


...right? RIGHT!? Anyway, it depresses me to admit that I haven't been writing, playing music, or even running as much as I said that I wanted to at the beginning of the year. I'll fix that.

Also, for those of you that didn't know: I have a puppy now. His name is Fenris and he's 95% Timberwolf, 5% Husky, which makes him 100% amazing. Trust me, I did that math. He's also my new running partner, since he's finally old enough to keep up with me. This should make things interesting. We'll talk more soon. Until then...

...Over and out,

David Lucio