Saturday, December 19, 2009

Time means nothing...

Welcome to my last post as a college student. I officially graduate today, and my degree will be mailed to me in about three to four weeks. Real life starts soon, but before that I'd like to just say what a pleasure it's all been.

There's not enough room to quite encompass all the time, energy, blood, sweat, and tears me and my fellow graduates ground out over the past 16 or so years of our lives (about 18 total for me, from Kindergarten to now). It was a tough road -- we've come a long way, and we're better for it.

I look back and I realize how many options and directions were presented to me, and how often I chose the path of most resistance. I sometimes wonder what might have come out of taking the easy way out. But then I am reassured that my choices, however sporadic and strange, took me to here and now.

I have met so many amazing people, and had to contend with almost as many intolerable people through my time. It's not to say that I have seen it all, but more to say that I know now more than ever that I can handle anyone life sends in my direction.

As far as special thanks go, my family would come first. They have always tried to be there just enough to support me, without coddling me. I was bitter for it at times, but the older I got the more I knew it was working.

Next are to a few of my closest friends, without whom I would not have found this comfortable niche of a person that I am now. I suppose that means KC and Jess first and foremost, but also the dozens of other groups of people I've been involved with over time (even my exes played crucial parts in crafting who I am). You should know who you are; but if you have the slightest bit of doubt that you were one of these friends, rest assured -- you were.

I suppose my educators would be next. Not just teachers, doctors, professors, coaches, or counselors, but anyone who has helped me to grasp the world from a realistic perspective and taught me just how well I can keep my creativity in tact. My imagination runs rampant, and my ADHD never helps, but I have been able to quell my distracted nature and accomplish some amazing things.

Now, to be most specific, I would like to thank the North Texas Daily. Everyone I have worked with over my two and a half years there have inspired me in amazing ways. I've seen true, unbiased, unfiltered human characters at their finest; I've also seen myself at my most raw, which helped me to clean out the last shreds of unprofessional nature I had before beginning the career hunt.

I got to write about, report on, edit, and design things I never imagined might even occur in my lifetime. The thrill of true journalism is something I hope I never have to leave, but at least if I do, I'll know that once upon a time I got to be in the fray. My parting gift to them was (and is) the new website, but I still don't think it's enough to show my gratitude for all they've done for me. there you have it. As short as I could keep it. 18 years of education have led me to now. I remember certain songs from my youth until now, and the kind of feelings they conveyed. A friend of mine once said that "Closing Time" by Semisonic was the perfect way for the 90's generation graduates to say goodbye. Another friend of mine much later told me that "After Hours" by We Are Scientists was the 'closing time of our generation.' I think I like that idea...

Albert Einstein once said, "Education is what remains after one has forgotten everything he learned in school..." I guess that's the next goal for me then, isn't it? I suppose since I am about a year and a half away from 25, I should be hitting my quarter-life-crisis soon. After I have settled into everything, I'll probably want to buy a house, get married, and maybe have kids and let them start a life all their own...but if they have half as many amazing people as I did, they will do just fine.

For the time being, I will be building myself a new website, sending out more résumés, working on stories, videos, and pictures, and finding a new job somewhere. People keep telling me that I need to hurry, and that I it will take a long time before I am settled into real life. But, as far as I'm concerned, time means nothing right now.

Over and out,

David A. Lucio

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My absence isn't without purpose

Sorry for the lack of posting Blogosphere! School started back up, and it's my FINAL semester before I graduate. I'm excited, but it also means little to no time.

I continued my job as Webmaster, and now with daily printings, I don't get out of work until 2:00 a.m. typically. It sucks a little, but c'est la vie. I enjoy my job, just not the time constraints because it leaves my friends in the dark sometimes.

Like this morning, I had been invited a couple of weeks back to my friends' wedding, but I didn't want to have them contend with grumpy sleepless David on the greatest day of their lives. I wish them the best, but you get my point.

Sometimes things fall at the wayside when real life gets in the way. It's a terrible way to look at things - like they're disposable - but some parts of life have to be able to at least get out of the way for a bit.

I promise, I will find time to post more often. In the mean time, Happy 09/09/09...maybe I'll go see "9" later to celebrate. Or I'll just take nine shots before going into the office at 9:09 p.m. tonight. Better plan? Yes.

Over and Out,

David Lucio

Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Avengers & The Justice League

In superhero comics, the culmination of all things heroic in the world is a united front against the forces of evil. In the DC Universe it's know as The Justice League, while in the Marvel universe it's known as The Avengers.

The existence of these two organizations is important to understand as a nerd, because there have been many incarnations of both groups throughout time. But in the end, the original crews...

The Avengers Founders

...are the ones that always called the shots.

Which brings me to the silver screen - talks have been in the works with both comic book companies about the possibility of creating movies. In 2005, with the release of Batman Begins and the announcement of Superman Returns, there was already talks of a Justice League movie being shot.

The problem? The producers had already cast two entirely different people for the roles of Batman and Superman. Thankfully, there's a lot going on behind the scenes in the DC universe now to bring attention off of the Bat and the, oh I don't know, all the news in the past two weeks regarding the reinstatement of Hal Jordan as the Green Lantern in the comic books and a new straight-to-video animated movie.

See, Hal was the second generation ever to wear the ring, and they needed a beefy white guy in the suit again because the powers that be at Warner Bros. have signed Ryan Reynolds - yes, the same one who already plays Deadpool in the Marvel universe - as the lead role in the Green Lantern movie. At one point, Reynolds was rumored to be a possible candidate to play Flash, but I think they want someone thinner for the most ADHD hero ever.

Still, this puts DC one step closer to completing their line-up for any kind of League reunion...and even though nothing is set in stone, it could be a superhero fanboy's dream! (And even if it fails, they can always just take the three and make "Two guys, A Kryptonian and a Pizza Place")

So then what about the Avengers? Well, on the Marvel side of the board, the early 2000s were dominated by Spiderman. But when spidey started to crash all Batman Forever style, Marvel had to change directions fast. They responded to DC's detached billionaire playboy (whose only superpower is money) with one of their own: Ironman.

The movie was a hit right away, and immediately gave introduction to the man who started the Avenger project, Nick Fury of S.H.I.E.L.D - played by Samuel L. Jackson.

Tony Stark himself made a cameo in the follow-up movie The Incredible Hulk, which almost ensured Marvel's plans to move into the Avengers. If that weren't enough, there are already two more member movies in the works: Iron Man 2 and the highly anticipated Thor.

Yes, the incarnation of the Norse god of thunder and lightning, Thor. In fact, they've brought in the relatively unknown Chris Hemsworth to play the role of the fallen god. I personally think it's a brilliant move, because nobody goes into the movie quite understanding the character or the actor, making him easier to empathize with.

And the final move being made by Marvel was the ribirth of Captain America yet again! I didn't think they would do it. In fact, I thought they might make a new candidate for the Super-Soldier Serum project.

Captain America was technically murdered by a sniper during a Civil War about the superhero registration act two years ago. In the war, he was considered a fugitive for fighting on the side of superhero rights, annonymity and freedoms. He was captured and taken to a court hearing, and was shot leaving the building by a skilled sniper.

So instead, of replacing the captain, they are reviving Steve Rogers again. Still, the revival of the franchise could be made to set the pace for a Captain America movie, and bring Marvel closer to finishing their dream-team...because a team needs a team captain.

So who will finish their project first - D.C. or Marvel? I think that once I see a Wonder Woman movie, that maybe D.C. stands a chance, but until then, once Marvel gets their boyscout resurrected, they are clearly ahead of the curve. Marvel and the Captain, making it happen.

Over and Out,

David Lucio

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Update Failures!

I am way behind on my quota of at least two posts a month. I promise to make it up to you. I already have two in mind, but the issue is always finding time!

Here's what's happened the last few weeks:
  • Four exams in one week (Finals for the Summer semester 1).
  • Visited by my dad and three younger brothers (the youngest, Duran, had Freshman Orientation).
  • And with that, figured out Duran's moving in with me in the Fall. :-)
  • And also introduced my girlfriend to my family. They like each other more than me :-(
  • Started working out again (sucks to do with a hernia, but I'm careful about it).
  • Started a new semester of a harder biology course.
  • Finally got parts of the database up and running at work, but hit another brick wall.
  • Been being an awesome friend to just about everybody who asks!
  • Got into the best guild on server as retribution (Yes, this is WoW stuff).

Lots going on lately, but I promise I will have real posts up soon. This next week is going to be crazy for me, but if I can get some serious work done by the first, then I can post twice this coming weekend. Love ya guys, keep it real!

Over and Out,


Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Let's continue to kill my childhood!

I think the direction that certain franchises have taken with various books and cartoon series from my childhood have been somewhat commendable attempts. But generally, they end up with mistakes like the 1993 Super Mario Bros. movie. Fail.

I keep my eyes peeled for things I even vaguely recognize from when I was a kid, and this year has decided to exceptionally nostalgic. Some things I am looking forward to, while others I am not as enthused about...but the entire spectrum of the entertainment market serves to revive my childhood.

Who you gonna call?

The Ghostbusters are making a comeback in a big way. In what is easily one of the most enjoyable videogames to be released so far this year (and arguably one of very few successful based on a movie), the entire cast of ghost-busting heroes returned - except for Rick Moranis, who respectfully declined - to voice roles in the game.

The all-star cast also began discussions of the definitive third movie in the series. Columbia Pictures has already begun production on the script, and filming is predicted to start in winter 2009. According to Harold Ramis, the videogame was supposed to serve as a sort of 2.5 version of the series, bridging the gap between the old-school busters, and the next generation of recruits to take on "spooks, spectres or ghost." It also means they intend to reprise certain new character roles for the third movie.

Final Verdict/Prediction: WIN!

More than meets the eye!

Perhaps director Michael Bay misunderstood that phrase when reviving the Transformers franchise. Yes, the audience was greeted by "robots in disguise", but also more movie than we wanted to meet our eyes. The sequel to the 2007 movie was recently released - Tranformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

In concept, this revival has been a brilliant move. It was a long-since untapped resource of science fiction, and reminds many people of their Saturday morning cartoon days. But it was just too flashy! I have enjoyed both movies purely from a male perspective (what with the explosions, robots, cars, etc.) but I am reluctant to say I enjoy this from a nostalgic perspective.

The film distorts the original story-lines from the cartoons series I remember, and seeks to boast Shia LaBeouf as a brave hero and Megan Fox (miniature Angelina Jolie in my opinion) as a sex idol. I'm not convinced of either, and I want more balk-talk from Starscream! He was intended to be the rebellious and more depraved Decepticon, but in the latest movie he is a cowering pile of scrapheap with bad aim...if Bay directs a third film, it had better be fucking Beast Wars, or I'm going to pass.

Final Verdict/Prediction: FAIL!

Real American Heroes!

I was somewhat excited when I heard that Paramount Pictures and Hasbro were bringing a live-action adaptation of G.I. Joe to the big screen; but then I remembered that these were the people responsible for the rekindling of the previous entry (those giant robots).

Once I realize this startling truth, I was filled with fear and disdain. I saw the previews for the upcoming over-the-top action movie, G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra, and one thing was very apparent - there was no Cobra Commander mask anywhere to be seen. Immediate disappointment.

I give credit to Hasbro; they recently allowed the franchise to undergo a make-over in the cartoon world. The release of a (loosely) made-for-TV-movie G.I. Joe: Resolute was a huge success. It's darker than I anticipated, and keeps true to the characters we all once loved, while bringing them into the 21st century.

However, even with the new cartoon, I don't know what to think about the highly-anticipated film adaptation. I suppose when the film drops in August, I will know. "And knowing is half the battle."

Final Verdict/Prediction: Toss-Up

Let the wild rumpus start!

Contrary to what I may have said before, when I was a child I was occasionally prone to read out of boredom. In my defense, this was before the time of internet. Also in my defense, books were less bastardized and long than Twilight, and I was young so I read short stories like Where the Wild Things Are.

When I found out that there would be an adaptation of the book, I was in a state of shock and awe. I wasn't sure whether to believe the rumors, or to just denounce them as implausible (since the story itself is so short). But then I saw this...

I never even thought I would be excited for a children's book adaptation of a movie (I assure you I wasn't the least bit thrilled about the Dr. Seuss movies, even though I loved his stories) but I am genuinely excited for this film. If it works well, it might save what Jim Carrey and Mike Meyers killed: my love of children's storybooks.

Final Verdict/Prediction: Undecided

Off the top of my head, I can't think of many more rehashes being presented to the world this year, but I intend to research this a little further. I would have talked about Land of the Lost a little, but in all fairness I never really watched it when I was a kid. And as for Dragonball Evolution (based on Dragonball/Dragonball Z), well I don't think Anime otakus are Hollywood's target demographic anyway.

At any rate, just remember that your childhood was precious. I would hate the world if anyone tried to make live-action versions of Sonic the Hedgehog, Thundercats or (another) He-Man. It just seems so lost in transition between the things that made us happy when we were children, and the things that entertain us as adults.

So, future filmmakers keep that in mind - someday you will have kids (if you don't already) or younger siblings that adore certain shows. So, at least for now, please refrain from turning Yo Gabba Gabba, Digimon or Dexter's Laboratory into live-action movies. It just won't pan out well.

Over and Out,

David A. Lucio

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Second that Wii-Motion

Yeah, I know I said I wouldn't talk about it, but I just have to talk about E3 a little bit. Well, perhaps not E3 perse, but something that was lacking at expo: my favorite game series ever, The Legend of Zelda.

Sure, Miyamoto-san and the crew at Nintendo talked about a new game for the DSi, but handheld Zelda games haven't been enough since the Ocarina of Time. And since we haven't seen our hero, Link, since his appearance in Twilight Princess, consumers have been wondering when he'll be back.

Nintendo had nothing to say about any console-based projects Princess Zelda anytime soon, but recently Miyamoto-san was quoted saying that there's a specific reason they haven't been upfront about development: the next Legend of Zelda might include...

Wii Motion+!

The Motion+ is the second in Nintendo's movement toward a full three-dimensional interactive gaming environment. The first began with the Wii Remote's (Wiimote) three-axes motion detection and infrared location detection. What the Motion+ does is add angular detection to the remote, giving it a 1-to-1 motion detection on all three axes.

With the Playstation 3, Sony also has a controller with a three-axes system, known cleverly as the "SIXAXIS". At E3, they announced a multi-location detection system, but no working game titles for the project:

Honestly, it looks more like a pair of dollar-store magic wands, but the detection was pretty smooth for the test demonstrations. It works along with the Playstation Eye in order to add location detection (including depth) to the control scheme. This might finally give the PS3 a competitive edge...but first they have to finish it.

Before Sony even presented, Microsoft announced Project Natal: A completely hands-free motion-detection system; it takes controls, location, depth and force into consideration, making it a new level in virtual-immersion.

The project was such a hit, that it was featured on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last week. Natal is said to be functional with many current and upcoming titles on the XBox 360 - including a demo run with Burnout Paradise.

Of course the promotional video is blown out of proportion, but if it works like it's supposed to, then the XBox team might have a new titan on their hands:

In the mean-time, Nintendo already announced the launch of the first game that would require the Motion+: Red Steel 2 (by UbiSoft). The game is set to launch Fall of 2009, and features a tremendous amount of swordplay.

If it's any indication of the directions games are taking, then Miyamoto-san might have made a smart move by holding out on Zelda announcements (since our hero weilds a longsword, shield and a bow).

One thing is for sure, since the introduction of the WiiFit Balance Board and with the new directions controls are taking, in a couple of years it'll be hard to call gamers (casual or hardcore) lazy anymore.

Now give me my Zelda already!!!!!

Over and Out,

David Lucio

Monday, June 8, 2009

Apologies for the Lull

It's bound to happen more often than I'd like this summer. I just started summer classes which go from 8:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. every weekday. I also just started a new webmaster job, and my first job is moving from an online host that uses FTP to a server (most likely using Apache).

In all likelihood, I will be so overwhelmed, I may get a blog post up every two-four weeks (if that). It's an ongoing battle between me and my sloth. I wanted to do an E3 related post last week, but I figured it's been done over...and plus I wasn't there.

Instead, I intend to make the next blog this weekend. For now, I will leave you with this story:

North Korea sentences two U.S. journalist to 12 years of Hard Labor

And what's worse is that there will most likely be no actions taken by the U.S. government to help these journalists, because of the haste in which N. Korea's highest courts responded to the incident. The verdict is upsetting to a lot of Journalists, as the "hostile actions" the journalists took have never been completely clarified. Bad times for journalists...

Over and Out,

David Lucio

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

"In the summertime...

you got women, you got women on your mind..."

And how!
But let's be more specific, this is the summer of the nerd for me. I am picking up a new job at the newspaper as a webmaster now, hoping to be setting up a new server for hosting. I might help redesign the website too if I'm bored, but something tells me I won't need to. But I digress...

...women. Queens on the nerd world, to be precise. I love them dearly, but not in the creepy stalkerish manner. More like, the extreme respect for beautiful, smart, tech-savvy, independent, renowned women of the geek and nerd worlds. I should make them crowns. Yeah.

I have more than likely talked about all of these women in the past, but I would like to remind everyone why it is I love them so much. So here is my list of the...

Top 5 Geek Goddesses

#5. Marina Orlova...

She barely makes my list, not so much because of who she is, but because of the website she is poster girl for. I suppose she's not much bigger in the geek world than Obama Girl is in the political world, but Marina Orlova is Hot For Words.

Her definition-related webvideos, russian accent and good looks have skyrocketed her geek fame. Her Youtube channel is one of the most watched on the net, New Yorker Magazine called her "the sexiest Philologist in the world" and in 2007 she was voted "World’s #1 Sexiest Geek" in a contest held by Wired Magazine.

Oh, and did I mention she has two Philology degrees - one for English and one for Russian. Marina lives by her creed "Intelligence is Sexy", and I can see why. The world has grown hot for teacher, and the teacher is hot for words.

#4. The Women of G4...

Ok, so this is a group of women, yes. But nonetheless, it's hard to have any of them without the others...and besides, if Norse Mythology can group the Fates (Norns) together, then I don't see any reason to question the method! This collection includes the current roster of women working at the G4TV Studios in Los Angeles, California:

Olivia Munn - Host of Attack of the Show! (my favorite show in existence) alongside Kevin Pereira, she brings a gaggle of laughter, a fear of balloons and an inexplicable love of pie to my home almost every weekday. Oh, and did I mention she's dressed up as Wonder Woman and Princess Leia Organa in the slave-gold bikini.

Morgan Webb - Host of X-Play (the most spot-on reviews of games you'll ever find IMO) alongside Adam Sessler. She is also known for her awesome ever-changing hairstyles when she worked on The Screen Savers alongside Leo Laporte and our No. 4 goddess (but more on that later). Recently she was a guest on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon as one of the world's best Videogame Experts.

Kristin Holt-Adams - Host of on-again, off-again show Cheat, she has also been a correspondent for American Idol. She recently got married but it doesn't stop this gorgeous Texan from making the list...afterall, she was a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader before she hosted a show about videogame tips.

Layla Kayleigh - Correspondent for G4, she was recurring host of The Feed until March 16, 2009. She is also a host for the MTV reality show America's Best Dance Crew. Even though she left G4, I have to be honest - her British accent was the only thing that made listening to those current events interesting anyway.

Alison Haislip - Correspondent for Attack of the Show!, she's the peppiest blonde at G4, and sometimes helps take over Kevin and Olivia's duties with her own sidekick Blair Herter (aka Man Blair). Why did I add her? Because there is no "y" in the name of this goofy vixen, and I forgive her for being from New Jersey.

Blair Butler - Correspondent for G4 (aka Lady Blair), she is a renowned comic book aficionado! That's right, comic books. She loves all things nerd though. Any woman who can spout off Marvel, DC, Dark Horse and Indie comics like she does definitely bring flair (I'll call it "Blair flair").

#3. Sarah Lane...

What can I say about Sarah Lane that doesn't already speak Volumes? She started out her awesome career as host of Tech TV show The Screen Savers before the merger with G4. Once that happened, a new show was born called Attack of the Show! where she worked as the original female host (there was a brief stint with Chi-Lan Lieu, but Sarah was the major player).

Sarah got married in May 2006 to one of the correspondents on the show, Brendan Moran. They both left the show to begin a world-wide honeymoon trip, and pursue other ventures, so Sarah's hosting slot on AOTS was eventually filled by Olivia Munn (as previously mentioned).

After that., Sarah worked as Production Manager for Rev3 (where another of our goddesses also worked), but when the company started to struggle, she was laid off.

On December 31, 2008, she announced on her blog that she was divorced. In 2009, she began hosting webcasts with her fans on her blog and filled them in on her new happenings! She now works at Current News in San Francisco and also hosts a webshow (courtesy of Leo Laporte) every friday called This Week in Fun. Glad to have you back in the spotlight Sarah!

#2. Felicia Day

You might recognize her from recent Sears commercials, or perhaps you've seen her spots in episodes of Joss Whedon productions like Dollhouse or Buffy The Vampire Slayer, but in the past couple of years Felicia Day has earned her digital star on the internet celeb hotlist.

During the writers' strike that started in 2007, many local celebs jumped on the bandwagon and decided to stop accepting parts from shows that the writers left. During that time, a long lull set in where new hit shows were no longer in production. Enter: The Internet.

Whedon had an idea for a short webseries/musical that featured an evil scientist as the protagonist, a superhero as the antagonist and a pretty girl as the mutual love interest of the two enemies! Maybe you've heard of it? It's called Dr. Horrible's Sing-A-Long Blog, and it features Felicia as the cute, laundry-doing humanitarian Penny.

At the same time, Felicia was also responsible for producing/writing a webseries smash-hit called The Guild, about a group of MMORPG (like World of Warcraft) players that meet in real life to help each other become more social. The first season was hosted entirely online and filmed out of pocket, but the second season was picked up by Xbox Live (they recently signed on for a third season).

At the 2009 South by Southwest, Felicia helped host a panel about the future of movies and series programming on the web. She has quickly topped the most-wanted geek list for cameos, roles and help with other web productions. Now if only she'd accept a starring role in my life.

#1. Veronica Belmont

Yeah! I went there! My number one pick of the geek goddesses is none other than Veronica Belmont, the face of our generation in social-networking.

She made her big debut to the world at CNET, where she had interned and then hired full-time. While there she worked on a podcast called Buzz Out Loud. She eventually moved on to video productions at CNET, including Prizefight! where she set tech titans to the test (forgive the alliteration).

Veronica left CNET to work at Mahalo Daily for almost a year before leaving. Veronica plays World of Warcraft as a Tauren named Winema, and in true nerd fashion the first video she worked on while at Mahalo was WoW celebrity Leeroy Jenkins at the 2007 BlizzCon (/jealous).

After leaving Mahalo, she began work at the same place our No. 3 goddess was working - Rev3. But rather than behind the scenes like she had grown accustomed to, she would be front and center as a host for the show Tekzilla. A couple of month after that, Sony Playstation Network also asked her to host Qore, a subscription-based series of what they call "a highly interactive, monthly lifestyle gaming program covering the world inside Playstation".

Veronica still hosts Tekzilla and Qore, but where her geekiness branches out is her attention to social networking sites. Veronica has hosted her own blog for years, maintains her own Facebook (I know, because she just responded to a post of mine), updates her Twitter regularly (personal @Veronica and WoW @AIE_Winema) and even participates in a podcast for her sci-fi/fantasy bookclub called The Sword and Lazer.

She's charming, funny, not ashamed of her geekiness AND still plays videogames (she should PST Sunstrider on Detheroc), and that is why she is the No. 1 Geek Goddess. Still not convinced? Just check her out in this recent photoshoot with The Bui Brothers. Go on, don't be afraid. She won't bite (that I know of)...

There you have it folks, let the Summer of the Geek Commence! You now have your goddesses in place on a pedestal, and plenty of ways to keep up with them from here on out. I hope you learned a little bit about the power of smart women...mark my words, big things are to come by their hands.

Over and out,

David Lucio

Friday, May 8, 2009

↑ ↑ ↓ ↓ ← → ← → B A Start

You are a failure to all nerd-kind if you do not recognize this time-honored traditional collection of button presses, otherwise known as The Konami Code.

It's a cheat code that was first implemented by the Konami corporation (now most famous for their work with the Metal Gear and Dance Dance Revolution series) in one of their earlier games: Gradius.

Since then, it has been expanded to multiple titles, multiple platforms and other game companies even found ways to use this code as a cameo in homage to the legendary sequence.

The internet has trifled with many things since its maturity in the early 90's, including scares regarding privacy, information sharing and especially the concept of hackers. The idea is that a hacker can use a sequence of commands and button presses (sound familiar?) to gain access to something the public might not otherwise have permission to see.

The idea isn't far fetched, and is based of a history of hidden content accessible to people by use of codes. As a new-age homage to the Konami Code, some webmasters even program back-doors (yes, those same ones hackers are supposed to use) that are MEANT to be stumbled upon by the average web-surfer.

A friend of mine recently showed me that the Konami Code could be used on Facebook, and that there is a website that lists other sites that have backdoors. Go ahead, visit the site and type in the following -

(While not in a text box) Press on your key pad: ↑ ↑ ↓ ↓ ← → ← →
Then press: [B] [A] and [Enter]

See what I mean!? Facebook currently shows lens flares via this code. For a short amount of time, the webmasters at had hidden a backdoor that would flash unicorns all over your screen when you entered the Konami Code. Don't believe me?

It's true. Immediately following the broadcast of this segment during Attack of the Show, the webmaster was asked to remove the backdoor from the site. But still, it was a clever little cookie thrown into a jocks' website. The code will undoubtedly live on in infamy forever, but right now it is the neatest little nook on the internet. Give it a shot some time, you might just get a power-up.

Over and out,

David Lucio

Monday, May 4, 2009

Behind My Giant Robot's Eyes

I've never been big on hip-hop, I'll be the first to admit that. In fact, I despised it growing up; I was too into my punk music and busy hating the popular people in school to really care at all about rap, hip-hop or R&B. In retrospect, my hatred was more of a statement, and an ill placed one.

After a while, I decided to give it a chance, and my senior year I introduced myself to some more popular artists like Jay-Z and Kanye West. It was an instant kind of respect, not so much for their lyrical value, but for the overall feeling I got from the rhythm and harmony.

I grew more disdain for certain artists, and started to pick up appreciation for other names. I adore the efforts of crossover, like Gym Class Heroes who blend hip-hop and rock. But as for pure hip-hop, my favorite has been Lupe Fiasco for a while; his message transcends his music, and in true nerd order he raps about stuff that makes me smile.

"As I spy from behind my giant robot's eyes,
I keep him happy 'cause I might fall out if he cries,
Scared of heights so I might pass out if he flies,
Keep him on autopilot 'cause I can't drive..."

- Lupe Fiasco

I actually went to an event and interviewed Lupe for one of my earliest stories as a student journalist. He's as down to earth as one might imagine someone who raps about giant robots could be, and so I stuck with him.

On days like today - 75 degrees outside, sunlight peeking through fluffy white clouds, a cool breeze and not a worry on my mind - his music is the best to get me from place to place. Hip-hop had to earn a spot in my music library, but now it's nuzzled between the indie and the alternative quietly, waiting for its turn to play.

Today is one of those days...give it a shot. Lupe is retired now, busy running his label - F&F (part of Atlantic Records) - but he still keeps on the scene. I remember he was even approached to go over to Roc-A-Fella Records by Shawn Carter himself, but turned it down because his loyalty lies with his crew. Much respect.

Anyway, to anyone who hasn't kept up with me in a while, and if I ever chastised you for listening to rap, hip-hop or R&B, I formally apologize. There's definitely some gems out there, but sometimes you just have to find the beat that makes you nod your head.

Over and Out,

David Lucio

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Frank Sinatra timeless. He really is. And that's not saying the rest of the Rat Pack was any less amazing, but come on it's Frank. He put a magic into his music that...well, I can't help but want to love someone.

Yesterday (being that it's now 1:45 a.m.) was Earth Day, and the day was fitting: the sun was out, the sky was clear and it was a beautiful example of springtime in Texas. And tonight the air is crisp, cooling off and wonderful, and as I sip a coffee to put me to sleep (yes, sleep) I am reminded of my favorite Sinatra song:

Fly Me to the Moon

"Fly me to the moon,
And let me sing among those stars.
Let me see what spring is like
On Jupiter and Mars.

In other words, hold my hand.
In other words, darling kiss me.

Fill my heart with song,
And let me sing for ever more.
You are all I long for,
All I worship and adore.

In other words, please be true!
In other words, I love you..."

- Francis Albert Sinatra
from: It Might as Well Be Swing (1964)

So good. Makes me smile. And damn could he pull of a suit. Anyway, Denton's Arts & Jazz Festival is this weekend, and I will be in attendance. It might not be the same kind of music, but I do love me a good bass line, some sweet saxophone, echoing trumpets and mean guitar riffs. Plus, I will probably meet up with a few people there, so if you're around give me a call Friday night.

Over and out,

David Lucio

Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Squirrel

This is simply a whim update, because I've had several discussions recently regarding how men handle picking up women, and not overlapping targets with their friends. Some people call it shotgun, some call it dibs, and other just simply refer to it as "calling something" - but when it comes to prospective dating potential, I like to recognize it as "The Squirrel Rule". Urban Dictionary entries state the definition as follows:

Squirrel - 1. (n) A title given to a woman by man, used within that man's circle of male friends in order to express a form of affection-based ownership. 2. calling~ (v) The act of bringing one's friends' attention to a gorgeous woman in the vicinity; by doing so, it is expressly understood that the "caller" has priority in pursuing the target for romantic purposes.

It's a little convoluted, sure, but it makes sense, and the action it describes is relatively understood. It applies to both men and women in the dating realm. And one little known rule is that under no circumstances are people in relationships permitted to call dibs on anyone that isn't their already-declared paramour. Doing so is almost as bad as vocally expressing intent to cheat. That's just how it works.

The Bro Code even has a clause devoted to this very science of calling, but because the idea is already understood between guy friends, the article takes it steps further:

Article 62
In the event that two Bros lock on to the same target, the Bro who calls dibs first had dibs. If both call dibs at the same time, the Bro who counts aloud to ten the fastest has dibs. If both arrive at the number ten at the same time, the Bro who bought the last round of drinks has dibs. If they haven't purchased drinks yet, the taller of the two Bros has dibs. If they're the same height, the Bro with the longer "dry spell" has dibs. Should the dry spells be of equal length, a game of discreet Broshambo* shall determine dibs, provided the chick is still there.

* Rock, Paper, Scissors for Bros

I don't know if it's a bit overboard to say that this is one of the most important rules to keep for close friends and siblings in similar dating-age brackets. Personally, I've always held this rule sacred; I would never steal the prospective date of any of my brothers or bros.

Between my older brother Daniel and I, it was always unspoken. We're only a year apart, so he made sure not to fish in my waters and I not in his. I did have problems with my little brother Derek through most of High School, but it was a string misunderstandings and misguided decisions on his part. We moved past it right before I left to college, because I wasn't going to hold it against him...he's my brother.

But as far as the rule applies to friendships, breaking it is a cardinal sin! Breaking of the rule can effectively ruin friendships. And typically the caller will not move past their interest in the Squirrel, leading to possible awkward situations in the future should the thief continue romantic relations with the target.

Now, one thing I have been asked to clarify is the reasoning behind using the title "Squirrel" (as opposed to another animal or action). The truth is, I'm not sure where it started, but all signs trace it back to the movie Bring it On, where the jocks and male cheerleaders refer to the gorgeous cheerleaders as Squirrels; they use it in order to subtly point attention to girls walking by without it seeming odd. Also, the act of breaking the rule was referred to as "scamming".

In my defense, the first time I heard the term used was in a webseries I watched called "We Need Girlfriends": In fact, it's the very first word used in the (very short) series, and comes into play heavily when the main character starts dating the same gorgeous blonde. Just watch and see...

Over and out,

David Lucio

Thursday, April 16, 2009

New Plan

I am ill...probably just a common cold. Medication wasn't working, so I decided to change strategies and take a page out of Barney Stinson's method for getting better:

"I'm fine. My nose is just overflowing with awesome, and I had to get some of it out...Oh Robin, my simple friend from the untamed north. Let me tell you about a little thing I like to call 'Mind over Body. Whenever I start feeling sick, I just stop being sick and be awesome instead. True story. Yep, in two minutes I'm gonna pound a sixer of Redbull, hop in a cab, play a couple of hours of lazer-tag, maybe get a spray-on tan. It's gonna be LEGEN - wait for it..."

[Falls Asleep]

How I Met Your Mother - Season 2
Episode 11: How Lily Stole Christmas

So now begins the treatment process. But first I need another sip of Nyquil and a quick nap. But THEN I'm gonna start the treatment process...yeah. Wish me luck!

Over and Out,

David Lucio

Friday, April 10, 2009

I have to stop watching The Office now

If you haven't been keeping up with The Office, I won't give out too many spoilers other than the big facts: Michael and Pam both quit Dunder Mifflin. And with that, tonight they finally hired a new receptionist...

...and now I have to stop watching. "Why, David?" you may ask allowed, wondering what could possibly have freaked me out. Well, you see, I recognized the new girl, Kelly (a second Kelly, yes). At first I couldn't put my finger on it, but then I realized it was because her hair was getting in the way. Soooooooo I imagined her appearance the way I thought she SHOULD have looked: slightly curly red hair with some freckles. Then it hit me:

Yeah. Same girl. From one of the Derrick Comedy sketches. I won't be able to watch another episode of The Office without thinking of her making it "so dry" for someone. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is my rant for the evening...

[UPDATE] Confirmed who she was finally. Her name is Ellie Kemper, and apparently she's made a name for herself doing web-based comedy. I found a lot of her stuff on Funny or Die. Observe:

over and out,

David Lucio

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Pet Peeves

I have a number of them. This afternoon I ran across a few that kind of ruined my happiness factor for the day, and now I kinda wanna drive my car into a light post at 120 mph without a seatbelt on.

Here's a brief list. Preface each of these with
"It is one of my biggest pet peeves...
  • be hung up on me when I have something important to talk about. Why answer in the first place? If you don't want to talk, either excuse yourself or don't bother answering the phone. Just don't hang up. Very rude.
  • ...when people to ask me to do something to help them, but then they leave you hanging. Ask me to help you move furniture at 6 a.m.? Sure. I wake up, you never call, and then I find out you overslept...not cool.
  • be told to call back at _____ time only to sit through the entire ringing and wind up at voicemail. Oh, what's that? Your phone was on silent? Use goddamn vibrate, that's what the fuck it's for...and if you're afraid of your phone making noise, then turn it off! Why do humans suck at technology?
  • ...when someone tells me one week that I did something wrong, and makes me feel bad, but the following week when I go out of my way to fix that error it suddenly makes me worse than I was before. Make up your damn mind on what it is you want.
  • be text messaged back that someone doesn't want to talk to me in an obviously bitter way. Can't people just have the gaul to call me and tell me? And furthermore, if they've got no problem hanging up on me, then they should have no qualms with calling to voice opinions.
...Do you understand?"
When you strike these nerves, I will become very agitated, and verbally hostile in tone. My diction will change to something more formal, which is how I make myself calm down when speaking.

But just because I react this way to a pet peeve, doesn't you (or anyone else) any right to degrade my ability to be a friend...goddamnit I'm a damn good friend and I want some gratitude. I know that's a horrible thing to say, but I am grateful for little things, and would hope people would be more grateful for what I do.

When I drive someone somewhere, keep someone company, spot someone cash, help someone (metaphorically) "exercise a demon" from their past, let someone crash on my couch, take care of someone while they're sick, help someone move, wingman for someone or even just listen to them it wrong of me to ask them to just not PEEVE me!? Think about it...

Also, while writing this, I did a random search on YouTube for Pet Peeves and found this hilarious one by Olivia Munn, co-host of my favorite show ever Attack of the Show. Enjoy!

Over and out,

David Lucio

Friday, April 3, 2009

The Perks of Being Role Player

Listening to a live interview with Wil Wheaton, who's singing the praises of nerds everywhere - "D&D matters because of the basics: it reenforces good math skills, engages the imagination, encourages people to be social regularly..."

It's going on at and it's really entertaining. I played D&D for a short while (as any good nerd should at least once) but I've never been a huge advocate for it. I just like when people publicly say that being a nerd is good for kids.

Most parents start with sports and Baby Einstein videos...someday my children will be rolling 20-sided die, shuffling cards, playing videogames and reading books. Because the nerdiness should start early...the sports comes from peer and parental pressure later. Except football. I hated playing football.

Over and out,

David Lucio

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Only fools rush April...

...which makes me a fool. I just wanted to make a brief history of April Fools Day in my immediate family. I'll bold my personal accomplishments, and the rest generally involve some ploys my brothers did against our parents.
  1. Daniel started it by convincing our dad that he was choking at the dinner table. My dad threw chairs across the room to give him the Heimlich...We had to hold back our dad once he found out it was a joke, and now if Daniel starts to choke, my dad makes us help him.
  2. The next year, I convinced my friends that I was married to my "ex", Kimberly. We got dressed up, took pictures with her family and she borrowed her mom's HUMONGOUS diamond ring. That was a three-week long joke starting on my birthday and ending on April Fools Day. Man it was awesome. about 35 people called or wrote us to congratulate us on the engagement (or tell me how stupid I was for going back to her).
  3. Two years later, while I was with my ex, Cassandra, I convinced my parents (via email) that she and I had eloped...because I had knocked her up. Since they weren't involved in the previous year, they believed me right away; My dad even started packing a suitcase and yelled at my older brother for "encouraging me". The end of the email read "P.S. April Fools"
  4. Last year, my younger brother Derek called my parents and left a voicemail saying, "I was arrested because this guy was threatening to hit his girlfriend and I kicked the shit out of him." He even turned on the waterworks, saying, "I messed him up pretty bad...they took him in an ambulance." He had his friends, and us (his brothers) add to the drama. After both my parents left their respective works and started the two-hour drive to his school, my mother called every jail and station in the area until finally a cop said, "Are you sure he isn't April Fooling you?" Then they yelled at us and vowed never to get caught again.
  5. This year, I decided to use something my mother told me against people: "You have too much stuff online, you're going to get your identity stolen!" I laughed at her, and then pretended that my account had been stolen, and $30,000 worth of charges were made. I even had most of the people I fooled throughout the day come back and help make it seem more real. The total was over 40 people fooled...losing count after the story spread beyond my circle of friends.
I have on major rule when it comes to lying: If you're going to tell a lie, when questioned about it don't give up right away. Instead, make up and EVEN BIGGER lie to overshadow the first one. If questioned further, take the lie further and always stand your ground. If I can make my own parents think I'm married, then I've done something right.

True Story.

Anyways, that was my reminiscent April Fools entry. Leave me a comment with your past jokes and exploits! I love a good laugh...and plus, once the dirt is settled, nobody was hurt in any of our jokes...except Daniel.
Worth It!

Over and out,

David Lucio

Friday, March 27, 2009

Clear The Table

'Cause I'm about to serve you up some knowledge Brah!
And be careful, 'cause the plate's fucking hot...

Sometimes I have these fun little conversations with friends wherein I disperse subtle amounts of my knowledge regarding the workings of life, love and certain liberties. I always forget them because I don't write them down, but not this time.

Here's my take on The Lunch Date:

David: what're you up to?
Friend: getting ready to go on a lunch date
David: aww lunch dates are no good
David: if it's a guy, you're setting him up for failure
Friend: why?
David: guys take most of the day to get into their lunch, we're only half capable of keeping up with a girl
Friend: I am particularly fond of this guy
Friend: hah
David: plus, lunch dates are super innocent and most girls use them to keep guys at bay
Friend: Oh. Mine isnt
Friend: I want to get to know him better
David: I guess it's fine considering you can't have a dinner date tonight
David: but most guys know that a lunch date usually amounts to nothing. Lunch is where people take business partners or their kids to get them out of school for a little bit.
David: dinner is where the magic happens
Friend: True
Friend: but magic cant happen tonight or tomorrow night
Friend: AND I really really want to see this guy
David: fair enough
David: lunch will have to do
David: good luck!
Friend: I like your way of thinking though
David: thanks

I left that last part in there just because it made me feel awesome...anyway, ladies, unless you've been with a guy for quite some time and are in a committed relationship, The Lunch Date is the least romantic date you can go on with a guy short of actively trying to repulse them.

If you really like the guy, you're going to have to work extra hard to send those signals at lunch, when we're only half awake. True story. We do dinner, because it gives us more time to plan out how we're going to talk to you and what we're going to talk about. And if a guy isn't ready by the evening, then either you're so hott that he's nervous, or he's just not as into it as you are.

As I said before, there's nothing wrong with a lunch date, but like brunch or a B&B, romantic lunches are typically reserved for couples that have been doing the relationship thing for a while. On the other hand, Dinner Dates are better for courting because of a few key components:
  • Food usually takes longer to prepare, giving more time for conversation. This allows people to test their compatibility in a one-on-one environment.
  • It is closer to sunset and the evening, both naturally more romantic times of day.
  • Social stigmas for any drinking (alcoholic beverages) generally infer that it should be after 6 p.m. - also, most restaurants don't open their whole bar until then either. This means dinner is the only time you can literally "wine and dine" someone, classic wooing material.
  • Lastly, the transition from romantic date to physical contact is generally catered to by the fact that it's evening (i.e. a walk home with hand holding, a goodnight kiss, or any third date scenarios).
In a pinch, lunch can make for a decent first date, BUT if you do dinner for the first date and lunch for the second, the natural regression makes men think they're headed into the Friend Zone. Keep this in mind, and make sure if lunch goes well not to delay a second date...and make it dinner this time.


David Lucio