Sunday, July 26, 2009

Update Failures!

I am way behind on my quota of at least two posts a month. I promise to make it up to you. I already have two in mind, but the issue is always finding time!

Here's what's happened the last few weeks:
  • Four exams in one week (Finals for the Summer semester 1).
  • Visited by my dad and three younger brothers (the youngest, Duran, had Freshman Orientation).
  • And with that, figured out Duran's moving in with me in the Fall. :-)
  • And also introduced my girlfriend to my family. They like each other more than me :-(
  • Started working out again (sucks to do with a hernia, but I'm careful about it).
  • Started a new semester of a harder biology course.
  • Finally got parts of the database up and running at work, but hit another brick wall.
  • Been being an awesome friend to just about everybody who asks!
  • Got into the best guild on server as retribution (Yes, this is WoW stuff).

Lots going on lately, but I promise I will have real posts up soon. This next week is going to be crazy for me, but if I can get some serious work done by the first, then I can post twice this coming weekend. Love ya guys, keep it real!

Over and Out,


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