Friday, March 27, 2009

Clear The Table

'Cause I'm about to serve you up some knowledge Brah!
And be careful, 'cause the plate's fucking hot...

Sometimes I have these fun little conversations with friends wherein I disperse subtle amounts of my knowledge regarding the workings of life, love and certain liberties. I always forget them because I don't write them down, but not this time.

Here's my take on The Lunch Date:

David: what're you up to?
Friend: getting ready to go on a lunch date
David: aww lunch dates are no good
David: if it's a guy, you're setting him up for failure
Friend: why?
David: guys take most of the day to get into their lunch, we're only half capable of keeping up with a girl
Friend: I am particularly fond of this guy
Friend: hah
David: plus, lunch dates are super innocent and most girls use them to keep guys at bay
Friend: Oh. Mine isnt
Friend: I want to get to know him better
David: I guess it's fine considering you can't have a dinner date tonight
David: but most guys know that a lunch date usually amounts to nothing. Lunch is where people take business partners or their kids to get them out of school for a little bit.
David: dinner is where the magic happens
Friend: True
Friend: but magic cant happen tonight or tomorrow night
Friend: AND I really really want to see this guy
David: fair enough
David: lunch will have to do
David: good luck!
Friend: I like your way of thinking though
David: thanks

I left that last part in there just because it made me feel awesome...anyway, ladies, unless you've been with a guy for quite some time and are in a committed relationship, The Lunch Date is the least romantic date you can go on with a guy short of actively trying to repulse them.

If you really like the guy, you're going to have to work extra hard to send those signals at lunch, when we're only half awake. True story. We do dinner, because it gives us more time to plan out how we're going to talk to you and what we're going to talk about. And if a guy isn't ready by the evening, then either you're so hott that he's nervous, or he's just not as into it as you are.

As I said before, there's nothing wrong with a lunch date, but like brunch or a B&B, romantic lunches are typically reserved for couples that have been doing the relationship thing for a while. On the other hand, Dinner Dates are better for courting because of a few key components:
  • Food usually takes longer to prepare, giving more time for conversation. This allows people to test their compatibility in a one-on-one environment.
  • It is closer to sunset and the evening, both naturally more romantic times of day.
  • Social stigmas for any drinking (alcoholic beverages) generally infer that it should be after 6 p.m. - also, most restaurants don't open their whole bar until then either. This means dinner is the only time you can literally "wine and dine" someone, classic wooing material.
  • Lastly, the transition from romantic date to physical contact is generally catered to by the fact that it's evening (i.e. a walk home with hand holding, a goodnight kiss, or any third date scenarios).
In a pinch, lunch can make for a decent first date, BUT if you do dinner for the first date and lunch for the second, the natural regression makes men think they're headed into the Friend Zone. Keep this in mind, and make sure if lunch goes well not to delay a second date...and make it dinner this time.


David Lucio

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