Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Now that Saint Patrick's Day has come and gone here in Washington D.C., I can safely say that it was a success. Since last year, I have decided to treat this holiday with the utmost respect. Why, you may ask? Because of Barney Stinson...

"It's Saint Patrick's Day! It's the end of the world! Think about it: End of Days, Nostradamus, Notre Dame, Fighting Irish, Ireland, St. Patrick's Day! Get your head out of your ass..."

Yeah. I know. Weird. But fun as hell...
...and the perfect excuse to just have fun!

I went to some Irish Pubs in Georgetown (Washington D.C.) and Courthouse (Arlington, VA). It was all kinds of fun out here. The place we ended up hanging out and having dinner was called Clyde's, and it was awesome. They had a full Irish inspired menu, and Bagpipers outside playing for the crowd.

Yeah they did. I have another video on Youtube of them playing Amazing Grace, but for now you'll have to settle for that small taste (and poor quality).

I also did my first string of broadcasts today. They were all tests, just to get used to my new UStream Channel, but I have quite a few tricks up my sleeve now. I hope to get more people in on it soon enough, and turn it into a neat little hobby...

But for now, I have had my share of debauchery for the evening, and I'm headed to bed. I have a long day tomorrow, and hope to see some Japanese Cherry Blossoms in early bloom (if the cold hasn't killed them before next week's festival).

Over and out,

David Lucio

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