Monday, March 23, 2009

Just to try it

Last day before classes start up again, and I decided to bust out "The Kid" again. That's right...two exams this week, and I'm going 'em blind! Not the wisest decision...but my last one ended up a B+, so I think I'm doing well.

The day started with lunch with Arlinda and Taylor at Outback. Pretty lax. Oddly enough, Arlinda said she was awoken by heavy breathing in the middle of the night, and asked me straight out, "Were you masturbating last night?" Taylor and I immediately busted out laughing, and he had to tell her, "That's just something you don't ask dudes."

Turns out she was hearing Taylor breathing heavy because his sinuses are clogged due to allergies. I answered her question anyway because she was genuinely curious...but you don't need to know more than that.

Anyway, I went on an adventure around Denton with Caroline later that day. We walked around in the park, and she taught me how to whistle with a blade of grass! I thought it was awesome because I've always wondered how. We hung out for a bit longer and I got to get a little zen for the was nice.

I ended the day on two relatively high notes:

1) Taylor, Arlinda and I went to go see "I Love You, Man" and I laughed so hard I cried. The whole tie-in with Lou Ferrigno was hilarious, and just made me realize even more...

...why I should never call him Hulk in public should I ever meet him. Seriously, he could kill me. But anyway, it was nice to see a funny movie early in the year that didn't involve any frontal nudity. If 2009 is going to be anything like last year (i.e. "Zack and Miri Make a Porno" and "Forgetting Sarah Marshall") then there's going to be a lot of sausage in the laugh bank...

2) Was this surprise from Jessica for all of her friends / (soon to be) adoring fans. Turns out she kissed a girl, and everyone liked it:

I'm going to have that stuck in my head for a while, but I figure I could give her a shameless plug while I had the chance, so here goes: Jessica Harp. Give her a listen if you haven't already. She could be LEGEN - wait for it...

I plan on recording a new Podcast (Vlog) at some point this week, but I have to fiddle with some new software first! It'll be awesome, I promise. I also finished reading "The Bro Code" this break. Definately renewed my faith in a number of things, particularly

Article No. 1: Bros Before Hos.

It explains a lot of why I'm much happier lately, and why I started seeking to reconcile some issues I've been having lately. Because I should never let a woman come between me and my fellow bro. True Story.

Anyway, keep track of my Twitter this week. I'll be posting when I start broadcasting the podcast. If you want, you can join me and give me some talking ideas and add your own input. I might even give you a shout out or a plug...for now, I'mma go slap a little bass (no that's not a euphamism) and then go to sleep.

Over and Out,

David Lucio

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  1. dude come on, i learned how to whistle with a blade of grass from zelda. thats right.