Friday, March 20, 2009

"Wear my badge...

A vinyl sticker with big block letters
Adherent to my chest.
Tells your new friends,
"I am a visitor here,
I am not permanent."
And the only thing keeping me dry is
Where I am...

Things seem so out of context
In this gaudy apartment complex.
A stranger with your door key,
Explaining that I am just visiting...

D.C. sleeps alone tonight..."

- The Postal Service
The District Sleeps Alone Tonight

I have wanted an excuse to use this song, and I suppose leaving D.C. from a great calm vacation is the best I'm going to get. If you haven't been sick of hearing me say it yet, I love Washington D.C. It's a hub for power, history and beauty...someday, when I am the next Alexander the Great, I will erect a throne in the city's center.

Or maybe just visit my parents on holidays when I have a family of my own.
Either or.

At any rate, we got a later start than I wanted this morning. We made good time, but we're stopping for now outside of Nashville. My mom still hadn't familiarized herself with "How I Met Your Mother" so my dad and I felt obligated to school her...

...we turned on the DVD player, and she got hooked. Now we've gone through all of Season 1 and most of Season 2. I think she felt most in touch with Lily and Marshall - they're cutesy, inseparable, border-line obnoxious (etc.), just like my parents are. My mom's a stereotypical girly-woman, and both my parents are what NORMAL people would call "clingy". /sigh

Oh well. It explains a lot of why I used to strike out a lot before I figured out that normal women my age don't like nice guys. I had good role models (which is a bad thing IMO). It took me two great relationships with terrible endings to learn how to be a jerk. I'm only barely finding a nice balance. It works.

Anyway, when I get back into town, I have a lot of homework to do. I also need to see a tailor and get my new suit taken in. Should be fun. I'm also shit-broke...which makes the next few months kinda interesting. Maybe I'll take up hooking?

Over and out,

David Lucio

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