Saturday, February 13, 2010

Entry 41

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Day 44 - I had heard that one of my favorite bands -- Motion City Soundtrack -- was going to be at The Prophet Bar in Dallas on a rather impromptu tour for their new album -- "My Dinosaur Life". Sadly, while I'm still looking for work, I am kind of short on cash.

However, my friend Elvira came to the rescue! I had introduced her to the band about four years ago (most of my friends learn about them through me). She wanted to hang out, so she treated us to the show!

I got to listen to some great music, spend some time with an awesome friend, and she got the chance to make her sister super jealous because she got to go to the show. We took plenty of pictures as proof, but we weren't the only ones with that idea...

After the band finished, I got signatures from all the members for Elvira's boyfriend (who couldn't make it). I also got to hang around with the lead singer, Justin Pierre; we talked about learning Japanese, the new season of LOST, and one of his hardcore fans gave him a bunch of gifts. It was a great night...

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