Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Entry 38 & 39

Day 38 - Superbowl Sunday! My brothers, my friend Sarah, and I sat down to watch the historic first-ever Superbowl victory for the New Orleans' Saints. We had quite the spread for just the four of us, but we were expecting more people to come. Things don't always work out, but we had a great night anyway.

Day 39 - It was a long day. Not only did I have to stop by the campus to drop off my time sheet for the website work I did last month, but I had to do some "homework" for an interview I had that day for a paid internship.

I suited up again, went in with my laptop, business cards, and résumé. I think the interview went extremely well, and the gentleman who conducted it said he's recommending me for a follow-up. We'll see how that pans out!