Monday, February 1, 2010

Entry 27 - 32

Sorry I've been dragging my ass. I didn't stop taking photos, just stopped placing them on here. Alright, here's the last week of posts!

Day 27 - Got to chance to have a few drinks with two of my former editors -- Matt and Andrew -- and a few former coworkers. We're all sharing the struggle of the job hunt right now, so we swapped some stories and advice. It was a good opportunity to just stop worrying, and understand that it's not our faults we can't find work.

The job market just sucks.

Day 28 - The cold front hit today, so I started to clean up the apartment a little bit. I wanted to reorganize my computer corner, since I figure I'll be working there for a little bit longer.

After that, I finished a few more applications, and set an agenda for the following week. Rainy day chores, but I love hearing the pitter-patter...

Day 29 - I INSTALLED A VIDEO RECORDER ON MY PHONE! God I love iPhones. But, fair warning -- this is a test video, so it sucks.

Day 30 - Grocery shopping with the boys today. Nothing all that exciting...

Day 31 -Followed a day of grocery shopping with a night of cooking! I cooked dinner for my brothers -- fresh brewed tea (overnight), white rice,and stir-fried chicken and various vegetables in a homemade sauce.

Last time I made this particular meal, it was for my ex-girlfriend, and it was too spicy. This time I made sure NOT too put in too many peppers.

Day 32 - Sleeping problems. Yeah. That's it. Let's hope February is more forgiving than January was.

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