Saturday, February 28, 2009

Welcome to the good life

I don't paint towns red often...but when I do, I like it to be glorious.

Zak's birthday party is tonight. Yes, the same Zak whose group of friends think I am a glorious badass of awesome proportions, and dubbed me "Rufio" a while back. The same group with whom I invented the "Bangarang!" and awesome mixed drink. Plus, I'm going to get drunk, and I need it (my pulled calf won't stop hurting).

I still prefer this song out of all of Kanye's:

"I'mma get on this TV mama. I'mma put shit down!..."

Tonight's alcohol is intended not not only numb oput my pains, but make me either more empathetic toward the drama going on around me, or to completely block it out. I never thought I would find people with more twisted love lifes than my own...

(and I still haven't yet)

...but a few of my very close friends are coming tremendously close. Guys and girls alike. It's as though the cosmos aligned this year to do a select number of things:
  • see me graduate college
  • in the same year recession will probably send us into "The Greater Depression"
  • me want to be in a relationship again
  • at the same time that everyone else's relationships suck, making me have doubts
  • giving me a renewed vigor to better myself
  • when no woman will ever even give a shit
I'm still kind of pissed that people thought my losing 10 lbs OF EXCESS BODY FAT (225 to 215) in one week was a bad thing. I'm taking the training very seriously, and even the person I am training with is starting to notice that. I am even trying to reconnect with god (or whomever) and eliminate some doubts that are plaguing my mind...

...I'm not ready to be a full blown catholic again, or any kind of christian based denomination...but I am ready to have a lot more faith. I will need it for the trials to come. I decided again to observe lent. I gave up Mt. Dew (I'd already gave up most other junk food), I started the new regimen, I am giving up procrastinating on projects and there's also one more (secret) plan I want to accomplish.

I had also planned on finishing my new song, but that might have to wait. At any rate, I need to get back to work. Just giving you all an update. Much love and such...oh, and if I drunk dial or text you tonight, please don't hate me, and take everything I say with a grain of salt. Mmk?

over and out,

David Lucio

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  1. 1. You're letting the media hype get to you. The job market and interest rates and home loans were 10 times worse in the late 70s and early 80s. It's going to be fine.

    2. 10 pounds in a week is fine if you need to lose it. You didn't. While I understand the "but I'm fine. 600 calories a day is fine! Four hours in the gym a day is fine!" thing, you should still be careful. But whatever makes you happy.

    3. Be careful tonight and don't die. Kthx.