Sunday, February 15, 2009

Faye is a Honky Tonk Woman

[[ the reference of the post title is lost on most everybody I know ]]

Valentine's is done.
I think I made it through.

I partially buzzed, with a chance of rocked out. I went with a friend of mine - let's call her Starla - and a small collective of her friends to see our other friend's - Katrina, for the sake of anonymity - boyfriend's band.

I was told I would enjoy them...and was no disappointed. It was kind of a psychedelic funk, new age alternative. Little to no lyrics, followed up by a bumpiness bass line (Seth), killer drums (Matt? I think...), and sway-in-your-seat guitaring (Kellen and Some other gentleman I did not meet).

Remind me to ask Starla or Katrina for the name of the band later. Thanks.

It was a brief outing, and was the highlight of my day. I want to say it was an excuse to make bad decisions, but sadly none were made! I actually managed to keep my Valentine's-goggles off...not like I had any choice (after all, there was no service in the bar/venue). I thought about it though.

Starla was dancing in her seat to the music, and it made me smile. The band really was that good. I forgot for a while that it was Valentine's Day, and just enjoyed myself...easier said than done, since both of my last two relationships were winter to spring, and neither of them even acknowledged the day.

It made things easier to me, but I guess I'm less cynical than I remember. I wanted to hate today, and pretend like people celebrating it were stupid...but part of me actually wished I was one of those punch-drunk-love fools. I admire true romanticism.

In fact, my father flew up to D.C. just to see my mother this weekend.
I knew he would. It's a Lucio thing...we're lovers and fighters...
...and we fight with passion above all else.

Anyways, Starla said I'm officially her Bassist, which made me smile. God knows it probably won't go anywhere, but who cares? The thought will tide me over until reality slaps me in the face again. CURSE YOU REALITY! Cheeky bastard.

I'd better go to sleep while I'm still buzzing...I'm more likely to finish chapter six this way. I finally am starting to get an amazing character model for Scarlet, and I can't wait for it to go up in flames (though none of you understand that pun). Tonight's dream is brought to you by the following:

Explosions in the Sky - "A Poor Man's Memory"

OK, so it's a lyric-less song; I don't do it often, but when I do, I make it count. Give it a listen...I swear you won't be disappointed. For now, I bid you adieu. I have lunch plans (kinda) tomorrow, and want to get my nightmares in before noon. And for those of you who read my last post (I know of about 3-4 people) thanks. It meant a lot to me!

Over and out,

p.s. if you know who you are (trust me, you don't), and you still care (it's not likely), then happy valentine's day; and I really mean it too. You, above all else, should hear (read) this from someone saying from the heart. Don't hate me. This too shall pass...and stop thinking it's you. You know in your heart it's not.

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