Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Chronicle Project - Days 15-19

Sorry I've been busy the last week! But I didn't forget about you guys. In fact, I have a nice collection of images to cover day, night, and LATE night events throughout the past few days.

Day 15 - We took our good family friend George out for dinner, to thank him for helping Derek when his car broke down. He's a big fan of the ladies, and we don't disagree...so we all decided to swing by our local Hooters.

We shared some wings, shared some stories, watched the Mavericks get a win, and then saw some dude dancing around for his birthday.

As usual, the pretty young ladies made for good company; our server, however, got fired because the booth next to us was complaining. Poor dear.

Day 16 - To wind down the week of training, I took Derek to a few of the Fry Street bars to take in some of the local flavor. I figured he might want to decide for himself where was best suited for him.

At Lucky Lou's we saw three guys play the highest stacked game of (giant) Jenga we'd ever seen. The stack was almost as tall as we were when it finally toppled. I think Derek decided Lou's got an A+.

Later we went to The Garage; it was crowded, loud, and watered down as usual. But thankfully, I have an affinity for picking up on fun events. From across the bar, I had a feeling a fight was about to start, so I rushed in to snap a quick pic of this guy arguing with his girlfriend who had apparently cheated on him with one of their friends. I would have taken a picture of the other guy, but he had a death stare, and kept asking where his gun was.

Day 17 - I got a visit from my friend Mike from Bowling Green, Kentucky, and he brought a few friends with him to "see Texas" on a vacation. They were being shown around by their friend Brittany, from Decatur.

I don't get to see Mike often, so it was a nice surprise. His friends were really funny, and nerdy too. Later on, Derek and I would go pick up Duran from the airport.

Day 18 - My brothers and I set a goal to finish as much work around the apartment as we could. We made a quick grocery list -- of both typical college and some grown-up items -- and headed to Kroger.

We ran up a rather large bill, but we were glad to get it out of the way. Now we have food to last us weeks.

Day 19 - I finally got to see one of my best friends, Jessica, for the first time since December. She got a new puppy from her boyfriend, Kyle -- a welsh corgi! Her name is Daisy, but I call her Ein.

She told me about the cruise her family took, we caught up on the goings-on in our lives, and then we hung out with her friend Ben. She had brought him a collection of seashells, and they have a new interesting story behind them.

She collected them last week, off the coast of Haiti. They had apparently been docked there some time around when the earthquake happened, but on the farthest side from the epicenter! I'm glad she's OK and happy to have my wingwoman back.


  1. The one time I've been to Hooter's, it was a god-awful experience. It was probably the worst service I've ever had, and I'm almost positive it was because we were a table of 2 girls and 1 guy (who was the other girl's boyfriend). Our waitress ignored us the whole night while unabashedly hanging all over the table of men next to us. I wouldn't be surprised if the table that complained about your server was a table of women.

  2. You know, come to think of it, they very well may have been mostly women. I think it was a married man, his wife, and two other older looking women, none of whom seemed to even like the restaurant to begin with...I was a little confused as to why they would be there in the first place. :-\

  3. I've never really gotten why women like going to Hooter's - I didn't think the food was that fantastic. I get why men like it, though. I only wish they had a Hooter's for women. Wonder what they'd call it...