Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Chronicle Project - Day 6

Day 6 -Finally got to spend some time with my friend Tanya, who has been buried under a pile of responsibility known as "New Motherhood" for a little while now. Her son's name is Maverick Swayze, and yes I have already made my fair share of jokes at the name. She says her next son would be named Goose, but I think that's just cruel!

We watched the People's Choice Awards, talked about old times, caught up on new developments, and I got to play with Mav a little. Then coffee, more chit chat, and I headed home. Considering I got my car back this morning, I imagine this is my last night in town this week; at least I made it a good one.

Day six is in the books, and I am almost at a straight week of this new project. I'm quite happy with how it's turning out. I can only hope to keep it up as the year goes on.

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