Saturday, January 23, 2010

Chronicle Project - Day 20-22

It's been a boring few days, but I figured I'd post them anyway. I'll make a post for today (Day 23) tomorrow because it will be about Jess' birthday party. Otherwise, here's the breakdown:

Day 20 - Stayed in and did applications all day today. It was tedious, boring, and so far it feels like it won't get me any close to where I need to be. But I did it anyway. I am just proud of myself for taking my care in what I eat.

An apple a day, or some other saying like that. But I guess using a caramel dip might kind of defeat the purpose. Still, it's more fruit than I normally would have ingested otherwise.

Day 21 - Last night of the first week of printing for the NT Daily. My former intern -- now webmaster -- ran into a minor issue with posting The Scene to the site. I went in to help him, and then Shaina invited us to go to Lou's for a drink or two.

Uneventful as usual, but I figured I'd snap a picture anyway of our view of the bar from the back. Pool tables, drunken people, and a packed bar on a Thursday night.

Day 22 - I got a haircut today! My hair was getting kind of long and annoying again, so I just went ahead and got rid of most of it. It's a terrible picture, but I've never been quite good at taking my own photos.

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