Sunday, April 25, 2010

Entry 114

I went to Medieval Times to celebrate my friend Kaylei's birthday. It was my first time being there, and it hadn't quite occurred to me that it was more of a kids' place. The food was good, and the company was nice, but the show was kind of bland.

I thought most of the knights were kind of small, but I did think the king did a great job. He was one of the most believable characters in the entire thing.


  1. I went to Medieval Times on a field trip in 8th grade, and I experienced it so much differently than I did when I was 7 or 8. When I was a little girl, it was so much fun - I got a pink princess cap and wanted so badly to be the girl that the knight chose. When I was older, the magic had kind of faded, and it wasn't as much fun. Sad times.

  2. ....I can't believe that magic of Medieval Times wasn't there for you guys :( I love that place. Plus: you get to eat with your hands.