Friday, January 23, 2009

To the moderately feint of heart...

...this blog will not be aimed at you.

Instead, take some blood thinners and perhaps some Vicodin to ease the headache pangs you're bound to endure reading my posts. Typically I write in a cryptic manner so as to hide the truth from the people around me.

I don't like lying to people, but I have no problem withholding the whole truth.

For instance, when I write about events I particularly hate, I will be much less inclined to actually name the actual event than to just say "at this event." Or when I talk about people, I most frequently find myself using one of the many associative descriptions I have of them in my head. Sometimes it will be a nickname I have given them (and only them), and others it might be a description, such as "back-home", "office-guy", "redhead", "action-jackson", etc.

If you find yourself recognizing anyone in the article, please refrain from referring to them by name in an comments made. If you think it might be you, but you're not sure, here's a general rule of thumb: it's not. Even if it turns out to be you after all, it's just better for you to have thought it wasn't.

Why? To maintain your own anonymity in my posts.

I will often refer to myself in pseudonym, and the same rules apply: even if you think i'm talking about myself in third-person, please don't make the audience aware. It keeps the ambiance of the posts at a nice strong level.

For now, just mull over these ideas. I'll have a more in-depth post soon enough. Maybe if you're lucky, I'll even do a vlog from time to time. We'll see.


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