Monday, December 6, 2010

Moderately Misogynistic Rant

I still don't get it: girls are allowed to like manicures & pedicures, romantic comedies, planning their ideal wedding since they were kids, scented candles, and a bunch of other stereotypical hullabaloo...and we -- as gentlemen -- generally keep quiet about it, and go along with it.

But yet, women have no qualms pointing out to us when they think we're stupid (or "lame" in this case) for liking sports, action flicks, videogames, firearms, or other awesomeness? Why the double-standard, ladies?

Thank goodness for the common ground. And even more so for both sides of the argument that genuinely enjoy the other gender's stereotypical tendencies. I'll admit that I enjoy a good concert -- not just a rock show, but a symphony -- or an art gallery once in a while. More often than not, I enjoy a good romantic comedy because I find them charming and hilarious. I literally have scented candles in my fireplace because sometimes I just want my damn apartment to smell like cinnamon rolls without having to bake! AND YES, I CAN BAKE!

But please, for fuck's sake, stop making me feel like I did back in high school -- alienated and degraded -- just because I make one little comment about the fact that I want to play the new World of Warcraft expansion that releases at midnight!

I can't even get it until after work tomorrow, ok? I'm an adult, who puts his adult responsibilities first, and I just wanted to add my little bit of manly (albeit nerdy) desire into what millions of other people are treating like a holiday. So seriously, ladies, if you have a problem with the fact that I love videogames: piss off.

That goes for you too, guys. Don't act like most of you weren't gung-ho for Black Ops, Madden, or Red Dead Redemption earlier this year. To each their own.

-- David

I admittedly refuse to bring either Harry Potter or Twilight into this argument, because frankly those speak for themselves in both fandom and ridicule. I respect both in at least that degree...Justin Bieber is another story, He just needs to die.

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  1. Interesting blog especially since I know I did not rag on you about WOW! Yes, many enjoy all those things you mentioned and they seem to not be as stereotypical as they used to be. Whomever pissed you off if certainly not worth being upset about so when you can afford it, go get the darn game. Xoxoxox